Organization management

The company believes in the people-oriented management concept and follows the dual track of human resource strategy that pays equal attention to both of internal training and recruitment from outside. There are already 30 professional talents having intermediate and/or senior titles in the company. Those talents have brought fresh impetus to the development of the company.
The company values highly the construction of decision-making and forward-looking leader team and makes every effort to both of organizing an innovative and practical management and of organizing an executive staff team. The company attaches importance to the enterprise culture that encourages not only competition but also cooperation. This helps motivate the cohesion of the family of Youjia.

Modern management system is a must that any enterprise grows and develops into a new stage and level. We are always making efforts in establishing and perfecting the enterprise’s internal management and we hope with this perfection, Youjia can upgrade into a grand new level.
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